How to Send from Samsung and Xiaomi to iPhone 12s without a Charger

The fact that the iPhone 12 family does not come with a charger in the box has become the language of other technology companies. Samsung and Xiaomi took the issue of not having a charger on the iPhone 12s with their posts from their official social media accounts. The posts were also showered with interaction by the fans.

Apple announced the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max at an event it organized recently. While the models managed to attract attention with their 5G support, there was a situation that attracted the attention of other technology companies. Apple iPhone 12 family charger and wired headset in the box will not be found officially announced. This is the case, Apple’s mockery led to it.

In fact, Apple’s iPhone 12 family and the box contents simplifywas covered by the long-known claims. However, with the official statement made, the situation became clear. As such, Xiaomi on the one hand and on the other hand SamsungThey almost took Apple’s attitude to “ti”. Shares made on social media platforms are also shared by the fans of technology companies. showered with interaction was held.

Here is Samsung’s share targeting Apple


Samsung, official Facebook In a post he made on the page, he said that Galaxy phones offer everything searched. The company, detailing this with examples, emphasized that in addition to the charger, the best camera performance, battery, performance, memory and 120 Hz screens are available in Samsung’s phones. The company, which adds a visual to its share, is not in the box of the iPhone 12, but is offered with Galaxy phones. charger it showed openly. In addition, the company shared about the 5G support that Apple has been teasingly about, saying that they already have this technology.


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Xiaomi posted a direct video


Xiaomi, one of the popular technology companies of recent times, is a by sharing video He made a reference to the box contents of the iPhone 12 family. Company, “Do not worry. We left nothing outside of the box.“He managed to make his fans laugh with his statement. However, some people who follow the sector closely, never used Xiaomi’s smartphone boxes. He didn’t put headphones they did not fail to remind.

The main reason for such a decision, according to Apple, is environmentalism. The company thinks it will reduce the carbon footprint level by removing these two pieces of equipment from the box contents. However, a consumer who has not used an iPhone until now has to buy a charger after having an iPhone 12. In this context, the company offers MagSafe and a 15W wireless charger. These are also a additional cost It appears as.