How To Split PDF Pages With Adobe Acrobat DC?

You can easily separate PDF pages with the Acrobat DC program developed by Adobe, which enables you to perform many detailed operations on PDF files. We have answered the question of how to split PDF with Adobe Acrobat step by step for you.

With Acrobat DC, the PDF viewing, editing and creation program developed by Adobe, you can perform many different operations on your PDF files. One of these processes is It is the process of separating PDF pages. However, it is useful to remind; Adobe Acrobat DC is a paid program. So Separating PDF pages You have to purchase an Adobe subscription first.

Adobe Acrobat DC ile Split PDF pages The process is extremely easy and the process is completed in a very short time, although it varies according to the size of your file. You can do this for very long files, large files, and files that you want to make different edits. How to split PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC We explained it step by step.

How to split PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC?

  • Step # 1: Open the Adobe Acrobat DC program.
  • Step # 2: On the tools menu Organize Pages Click.
  • Step # 3: Select file Select the file you want to separate with the button.
  • Step # 4: Open the file you want to split into pages.
  • Step # 5: Click on the divide button.
  • Step # 6: Set the criteria for separating PDF pages.
  • Step # 7: Set the Destination Folder and other output details.
  • Step # 8: Confirm the screens that pop up.

‚ÄčSplit PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC

You can easily split PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC by following the steps above. The length of completion of the process, It may vary depending on the size of the PDF file you allocate to the pages, but in general, the process will take a few seconds.

You can specify the criteria for separating PDF pages in a very detailed way. By the number of pages, by the maximum file size, like according to the top information You can perform division over many different criteria. Of course, it is also possible to split the pages you choose manually instead.

Other output settings specified with the Destination Folder are also extremely important. The point you need to pay attention to here, which will be saved after leaving To give the names of two or more files correctly. If you add similar names with the original file or with each other, you can confuse things a bit. It is even recommended to save new files in a different folder than the original file.

Separating PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC online:

  • Step # 1: From here Open the online Adobe Acrobat DC service.
  • Step # 2: Create an Adobe account or sign in with your existing account.
  • Step # 3: Select file With the button, open the PDF file you want to divide into its pages.
  • Step # 4: Divide PDF pages at intervals you want.
  • Step # 5: Click the Continue button.
  • Step # 6: Save the files.
  • Step # 7: You can download these files to your device if you wish.
  • Step # 8: You can access the files on Adobe servers whenever you want.

Split PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC

Like many developers, Adobe is also able to use certain features of its programs. offers online services. With Adobe Acrobat DC online, the process of splitting the first PDF pages is free. However, to use this service later, you still have to subscribe.

Splitting PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC online offers only a basic splitting process unlike the program. PDF pages from which points you want to separate you choose manually. You will not do very detailed operations. Separating PDF pages with online Adobe Acrobat DC is also a very useful service.

Your files are saved in chunks after the process. If you wish, you can access these files through your Adobe account or You can download it to your device. If the size of your files is not too large, it will be a better choice to download them to your device. Thus, your sharing options will be much wider.

Things to consider about splitting PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC:

Split PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC

After separating PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC, the original file will not be touched and two or more files you divided, It will be saved in the destination folder you have chosen. However, as a result of a possible error during the process, the original file may be damaged. For this reason, you may choose to store a copy of the file in a different folder before separating the PDF pages.

With the criteria for separating the PDF pages you have specified, you can automatically download the file before performing this process. on your careful examination there is a benefit. Partitioning may have taken place before the criteria can be processed correctly due to minor errors, especially in long files. For this reason, you may want to edit the PDF file before processing.

Post split PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC newly created files, Save it in a folder located on the computer. You may not be able to undo damage to files saved directly to a cloud server or external storage device. For this reason, first save the new files to your device, and then you can make different backups.

We answered the question of how to split PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat DC for you and How to split PDF pages We explained it step by step. Adobe Acrobat DC program appeals to professional users with the service it offers and is frequently used in the business world.