How was the term "hodl" in Bitcoin? The inventor told

The term ay hodl gec, a world familiar with the crypto money, was born on a Bitcoin forum on the internet on a rainy night of December 2013. After sharing the man who mistakenly wrote dü hodl ı instead of dı hold ab, the term Bit hodl. Became like the mascot of the crypto-money world.

Although he didn't say yes, he invited them to play billiards and asked for a whiskey.

The inventor of the term Hodl describes the rest:

65 He talks to my girlfriend and trades in BTC on my slow phone. I was trying to do it. That evening, my girlfriend had gone to the bar with her other girlfriends. I wanted him here for me, but the distance was far away because he lived on the other side of town. Since I had nothing better to do, I was taken to my room and started drinking. It was a rainy night. I remember my head falling to the forum. “

Reporter: Were you doing an analysis?

I didn't think the rules of analysis would work the same way. If you are receiving Bitcoin, you want to double your money. I don't know why I got BTC, just white-paper. Some of this market is manipulative. There are some people and these people are selling to sell other people. And that works all the time. Especially if you're a speculative investor. 65

Reporter: What do you think about becoming famous?

People are still talking about it. I wonder if Satoshi still talks about bitcoin with people unidentified. These are really strange things for me. If I wanted to, I'd show up at a Bitcoin meeting and introduce myself to people, so everybody knows me. Or I could go back there and sit in a corner without telling anyone anything. 65

Reporter: I'm really happy to meet you. You're an important part of Bitcoin history. And you didn't do it consciously for the sake of making money or for fame, you did it by mistake, and it's really fascinating.

: Title: I AM HODLING, Date: December 18, 2013, Time 10 am,

I've written the title twice because I had it wrong in the first. It's still wrong. My girlfriend went to the lesbian bar. Bitcoin crashes. Why am I still holding BTC? I'il tell you now. Because I'm a bad trader and I'm aware of that. Good traders can earn millions of dollars by identifying high and low points. No problem for you. The weak hands yap fall, my God, I must sell en, smart traders who are aware of what they do, buy again. But I'm not from this group. When they get back, I'm already a part of the market capital. Guess who's cheating. You're cheating on those who buy, not me. They say something every minute. You should have sold it. Not that. Not everyone's as cool as you are. Only rookies and good daily sellers sell in the bear market. People keep their hands. In this zero-sum game, traders can only take your money if you make sales. I have some whiskey. I can give the request only for Bitcoin. In

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