How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Future Games?

Artificial intelligence, which is one of the most watched features of the players who love story games, gives players a good gaming experience when it is qualified. Otherwise, it offers a gaming experience that drives the players crazy. How will the development of artificial intelligence affect future games?

If you ask what artificial intelligence is, in the context of games, we can define artificial intelligence as a mechanism that realizes events outside of you in the world of any game. Examples of these events are artificial intelligence in the games, driving a car in the GTA game, driving the cars you pass in Need for Speed, and shooting the enemy soldiers in Call of Duty.


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In order to understand how artificial intelligence will become more intertwined in the future, it is necessary to look at the history of both sectors. Since the early days of the game industry, developers have been striving for artificial intelligence to behave like human beings and to create a game world from scratch, without the need for a real human being.

Artificial intelligence that you will face in any game, and artificial intelligence designed to play in superhuman levels. there is a difference. For example, a simply designed chess game can easily beat a real person. The same is how IBM's DeepBlue system defeated Russian chess player Garry Kasparov in 1997.

So, in the future, there may be games that will make us much more compelling. Because an active intelligence learner seems to be irresistible. We can even explain this with the FIFA example. In FIFA, a team that is directed by artificial intelligence can make a more challenging gaming experience by increasing the value of the players of the opposing team momentarily if you step forward or excel a lot, regardless of the level of difficulty you choose.

An artificial intelligence can be developed in the future by memorizing the movements of people and calculating the results of each movement. For example, if the rounds you take in Call of Duty go to the enemy's head, we can give the other enemy soldiers a chance to see this and attack them with more durable helmets. " RELATED NEWS

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With all this in mind, we may think that people will not play even in the future because artificial intelligence will take care of everything in our place. In e-sports tournaments, people may be faced with well-developed artificial intelligence. Do you think this future is scary or interesting? Don't forget to comment on your comments.