How will the Singapore Summit affect the Ripple (XRP)?

United States President Donald Trump is meeting North Korea's leader Kim Jongun face to face. The world, traditional financial markets and, of course, the crypto money market is also on the lookout. Moreover, this week the big central banks; The FED, the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of Japan will meet.

The markets seem to be seriously affected by the hacking of Coinrail

Asian markets traded early on Monday, investors had a weekend meeting at G7 and a South Korean cryptographic exchange, Coinrail Trump-Kim summit and the three most important central banks in the world, the FED, the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of Japan this week gathered all the attention of investors this week.

Obviously, these events are all crypto

How will Singapore's Summit affect Ripple

Ripple (19659003) There are opinions that about 40 million dollars stolen from the South Korean crypto currency stock market is the cause of the decline in the market. XRP), among these developments a most likely to be affected by the Singapore Summit, as we know in Asia, XRP is often considered one of the most popular crypto parallels. Furthermore, since XRP is thought to be somewhat connected to the main source, we can expect that peak news will have an impact on the value of XRP. Now, we can understand whether this activity is positive or negative yet, by learning what happened at the Singapore Summit and what is spoken between the two world leaders. At any rate, we believe that the XRP of Ripple will see some changes in this case because of its presence and its populations.

At this point, markets are about to see a pressure wave from effects outside of crypto-currencies. That's the reason, the variable nature of markets and our emotional nature. I hope that the Singapore Summit will have a positive impact on the markets. Current market fluctuations also end in this way


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