HSBC warns about the end of natural resources in the world

HSBC, one of the world's largest banks, warned governments and companies about climate change. He gave an emergency alert.

One of the world's largest banks issued a worrying warning that resources are running out in order to sustain life on Earth. HSBC stated that it is increasing the demand for resources in the world but that resources can not be renewed in this process.


The bank said that neither the government nor the companies were prepared for this great chaos in the statement.
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According to HSBC, on August 1, the world's natural resources were completely consumed for this year. This means that the world population consumed only one year of natural resources in just 7 months. According to HSBC analysts, these findings and evidence show that many businesses and governments have not adequately prepared for climate effects and have not used natural resources efficiently


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Not only HSBC, but many multinational banks, began to alarm about climate change. Current signs are that climate change will bring far more evils than anticipated impacts. Banks are aware of how badly they will be affected by big events in the world, and therefore they want to achieve rapid awareness. Some governments do not want to accept the reality of climate change. It will take time to consider whether HSBC's warning will be taken into account.