HTC U12 Life will not be produced by HTC

There are rumors that HTC, which has produced the world's first Android phone since spring, will release a new phone. While this phone is about to become official soon, there is a rumor that it will not be produced by HTC.

In recent years, with decelerating momentum, HTC is survived by Google's partnerships. Apart from that, there are also U11 and U12 flagships, but the goods are not that big. HTC is like a brother on Google's consumer electronics.

With the HTC U12 and U12 Plus talking about performance this year, the company created the agenda with the phone in the middle of the U12 Life. Rumors on the technology media are waiting to be officially announced as the device is being introduced towards the end of the year. It is also said that the device will ship with Android 8.1.

The main rumor is that the HTC U12 Life will not be produced by HTC. According to the indictment, the device will only carry the tags of the company. Third-party manufacturing agreements are often found in companies that have rooted software. It's amazing how an electronic giant like HTC will take such a step.

Moreover, it is not yet clear which company will produce the HTC U12 Life. It's an interesting detail that Google will not offer Android 9.0 Pie support to the company it sees like its brother. Apparently HTC is preparing to drive an experimental product to market with an experimental model.

Another step in this step is to focus on producing an admiral ship in the main premises while having a new phone with HTC band on the market. Google is a big, proprietor of HTC's main production line. Perhaps the main lines are too busy for the Pixel 3 models, which will be sold on a much wider geographical area this time.

The HTC U12 Life will come with a 6-inch notched screen, 16 MP + 5MP dual rear camera and 13 MP front camera. We will continue to transfer to you as the details become clearer.