HTC will release a Blockchain phone this year

Founded in 1997, HTC has been an important way to drive a smartphone market based on the Android operating system for the last two decades. The company now wants to do the same with Blockchain

The Taiwanese electronics maker today unveiled a smartphone called Genesis, which will serve as a storage device for those who want to carry their mobile port and crypt money in their pocket to the world of centerless networks

According to Phil Chen, who previously founded HTC's Vive virtual reality product line and recently returned to the company to lead the Genesis project, HTC aims to launch the device soon.

Chen, speaking to CoinDesk, we look forward to launching the distribution. "

HTC is not the only company to develop a special phone for Blockchain, but it is the largest company. Sirin Labs has raised $ 157 million in ICO to build Blockchain-based smartphone Finney. On the other hand, Huawei is also working on a project that will run Blockchain applications on Android system. However, Huawei's initiative is not about developing a Blockchain-based phone.

In the coming months, Whitepaper, which will be published about Genesis, will include a number of important details, including some of the more sophisticated features.

. Payments in this process will only be accepted with Bitcoin and Ethereum.