Huawei aims to be the biggest producer at the end of 2019

Huawei, which has experienced a very serious growth in 2018, aims to continue this success in 2019 as well. Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that they are aiming to become Samsung's largest smartphone maker in 2019.

Chinese technology giant Huawei claims that it will be the world's largest smartphone maker until the last quarter of next year. The company, which had a good year in 2018, has increased its target of selling smartphones to 200 million by the end of 2018.


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Huawei CEO Richard Yu's explanations are exciting for the company's future. "There is no problem with our global phone sales during the coming year, and we are not in the first place in the 4th quarter of 2019."

So far, statistics that Samsung and Apple have shared in the first two places now have a much bigger competitor. In the past days, Huawei passed the Apple list and managed to sit in the 2nd place. Samsung has maintained its first position but has not experienced a significant increase in sales. This shows that Huawei is moving ahead in the first place.


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There is one thing we should not forget, that Huawei is prevented from selling in some important markets. Huawei, who is banned from the US and Australia, is accused of espionage in these countries. Despite this, however, Huawei's growth, which has come to its present position with sales made in the Chinese and European markets, seems likely to continue in the coming years.