Huawei Announces Its R & D Work Increased

China-based technology giant Huawei said that 90% capacity was returned to their work. The company, which has increased its expenditures in order to speed up its R&D activities in recent weeks, aims to develop the technology solutions it has created.

The coronavirus outbreak that occurred in China not only affected the whole country but spread to the world. The authorities, who took strict measures throughout China, did their best to prevent a large part from being affected by the situation. One of the important companies in the country, Huawei, reported that it is in a very busy tempo these days. Ren Zhengfei, the company's founder and CEO, said the company more than 90 percent of production and development activities He said that it was maintained consistently.


After the Chinese government's decision to allow it to continue working in some critical industries, some of Huawei's operations restarted on February 3. Speaking to reporters, Ren Zhengfei stressed that the company's to meet new demands He also stated that he is ready to develop new products.

He drew a positive view


Huawei reported that it expects a strong demand for network equipment, especially from two major markets in China and Europe, as companies around the world prefer the remote work environment due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company originates from these markets. ready to meet demand said that. He added, however, that he expects some financial increases due to the pandemic and increases R&D spending to develop solutions that grow despite the US sanctions.

The world's largest telecom equipment supplier ensures that the supply chain is not affected during the outbreak, and protective equipment Let's not go without saying that it continues the production line. While almost 90 percent of the company's 150,000 Chinese workers are expected to return to work, it is not overlooked that Huawei wants to maintain its positive outlook for this year, while it should reduce its financial targets.



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Despite the implication that the US companies could fall over from the market leader position within 3 to 5 years without the support of the company, the company's CEO thinks that the US companies also need Huawei as a customer. New laws introduced by the Trump administration and embargo we will see how much the decision will affect the Chinese technology giant.

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