Huawei Could Soon Receive License Fee From Apple For 5G

Blocked from the USA, Huawei is creating a brand new revenue model for itself. Huawei, which received 5G patents a long time ago, will demand a patent fee from technology giants such as Apple and Samsung.

Huawei Technologies Co. Many patents have been registered on 5G. The largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, especially in 2020 and 2021 With 5G technology they have produced models. Qualcomm ve Ericsson’un It is stated that they have licenses in this regard, but Huawei plans to distribute this license for lower fees.

About Apple’s Qualcomm, 5G licenses too much for exorbitant He is said to have serious discussions because he wanted prices. Afterwards, it is stated that the two companies agreed to find the middle point, but Huawei intervened on this issue. Huawei is now Qualcomm and EricssonIt is stated that it will demand lower wages.

Guaranteed $ 2.50 per device fee for licenses

Huawei 5G Licenses

Head of the Huawei intellectual property unit Jason ding, ‘the right to offer payable per phone $ 2.50 guarantees that it will not pass. Apple’s tendency to purchase licenses at lower prices is already well-known. A record number in the world iPhone 12 selling it may cause Apple to make a sudden decision to make a license change. Huawei Although it is banned from the USA, there is no law to prevent US companies from selling licenses.

5G technology Patents obtained will be more valuable as the usage increases. 5G license It seems inevitable that the market will turn into an incredible competitive environment. Huawei, Ericcson, Qualcomm ve Nokia they will go into license wars with each other in this market. It seems that the licenses will be the biggest opportunity for Huawei to find a place in the US market again.