Huawei debate: US ambassador accuses federal government of insulting the US

In the dispute over a possible Chinese involvement in the expansion of fast 5G mobile in Germany, US Ambassador Richard Grenell has accused the federal government of insulting millions of Americans. "The recent statements by senior German government officials that the United States is comparable to the Chinese Communist Party are an insult to the thousands of American soldiers who help to ensure Germany's security," a statement released on Monday said Explanation Grenell. In addition, it was an insult to millions of Americans who campaigned for a strong Western alliance.

Earlier, Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) had drawn a comparison between the USA and China on the ARD program "Anne Will" (from about 00:19). In the NSA affair about telephone monitoring by the US secret service Germany had "also no boycott", he said and added: "also the USA demand of their companies that they then certain information, which are necessary for the fight against terrorism, then to communicate. " Such disclosure of information to the Chinese government is feared by the US for Huawei's involvement in the 5G project.

Grenell did not name Altmaier by name in his statement and spoke only of statements "senior representatives of the German government". It would also offend millions of Chinese citizens "who deny fundamental freedoms and are wrongfully imprisoned by the Chinese Communist Party." The US and Germany would have to work together to identify threats that would undermine democracy. "There is no moral equivalence between China and the United States, and anyone who maintains it ignores history – and will inevitably repeat it."

Altmaier rejected the allegations. "I have never put the political systems of the US and China on the same level, and I wanted to make it clear that it is not compulsory to draw conclusions from the wording of the law," he told the Bild newspaper. Tuesday). "For me it is clear that we need the highest possible security standards for sensitive data, no matter where the products come from."

FDP faction Vice Michael Theurer asked Altmaier to apologize for his statement. "Another unnecessary burden on the tense relationship would not have been needed," he said. "Instead of verbal derailments, we need a new push for a free trade agreement with the US and transatlantic friendship."

CDU domestic expert Philipp Amthor warned against putting the US and China on the same level: "We should by no means give the impression of an equidistance between China and the US The US as a western state of law shares our values ​​and we cooperate their intelligence services are closely and well together in the fight against terror and bondage, while the Chinese services serve above all the freedom-suppressing Chinese Communist Party, "he told the" Bild ".

The largest German governing party CDU had decided on the weekend not to exclude Huawei in general from the expansion of fast 5G mobile in Germany. In a decision adopted by a large majority on Saturday by the CDU party congress in Leipzig, it is said that trustworthy could be "only those suppliers who fulfill a clearly defined security catalog in a verifiable manner". This must include "that interference by a foreign state on our 5G infrastructure is excluded." On the other hand, the US has been warning Germany against the involvement of Huawei in the mobile network for a long time.


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