Huawei Develops Management System for UAVs and Drones

A patent application made by Huawei in 2018 was accepted by the Chinese authorities. According to this patent, Huawei is developing a special system for drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. This artificial intelligence-supported system can meet all the needs of a UAV.

The Chinese technology giant, especially in the smartphone industry, due to the embargo imposed by the USA Huaweihas been working to establish its own ecosystem for a while. In this context, the company, which is already known to work in areas such as white goods, automobiles, IoT devices, unmanned aerial vehicles and it turned out to be working on drones. A new patent approved by the company reveals Huawei’s plans for the future.

Huawei applied in 2018 “CN110737212B“Coded patent has been approved by Chinese authorities in the past days. The main subject of the patent covers the drones and drone developed for vehicles such as artificial intelligence supported the management and control systems. Huawei, next year in one of Turkey’s most important unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers BayraktarIt seems to be a rival to.

Huawei’s approved patent also focuses on everyday users


In fact, Huawei’s interest in manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and drones has been for a long time. known something. The latest patent shows that the plans have now reached a more serious point. In addition, according to the information in the patent, the company has developed drones designed for daily use as well as advanced aircraft. artificial intelligence plans to fill it with. In fact, information on different usage modes for users is also included in this patent.


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The patent developed by Huawei consists of 3 different modules. These modules can be used to receive and analyze any command in the air and in accordance with the command. to be moved provides. Moreover, the artificial intelligence that realizes all these is in constant communication with the main user. Thus, the person using that vehicle, receiving data instantlycan track what the aircraft is doing. Although Huawei’s patent looks impressive, the company has not made the slightest statement about this patent. So how the patent will turn into a technology is a big secret for now..

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