Huawei Develops Technology That Detects Uyghur Turks

A technology developed by Huawei to detect Uyghur Turks is on the agenda again. According to the information obtained by IPVM, even though Huawei has applied for the removal of the Uygur phrase in its patent, it continues its work.

It is said to have developed a technology to detect Uyghur Turks in China a while ago. Huaweiis on the agenda once again with the same claim. According to the information and information obtained from a US-based company, Huawei is among pedestrians walking on the street. Uighur Turkish It develops a special technology that helps to detect whether it is or not.

In the previous developments on this subject, in a patent received by Huawei Uygur It was stated that the phrase was mentioned. However, Huawei said it was not true and denied the accusations. If new information is obtained, this phrase to abolish it reveals that the application was made, in other words, a cover was made. In addition, this tagging technology continues to be developed.

Huawei trains artificial intelligence to detect Uyghur Turks


According to the information obtained, Huawei first time 2018 brought up in the year. The company, which applied for a patent to the Chinese authorities, has worked for the development of this technology so far. However, a company called IPVM disclosed Huawei’s plans. The company, which then had to make a statement on the subject, denied the crimes as we have just mentioned. In fact, according to Huawei, the patent not even a real world did not represent. Similarly, new documents have been detected by the IPVM.


It Is Alleged That Alibaba Has Detected Uyghur Turks With Face Recognition System

Statements on the subject were made by Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of the British Parliament Foreign Relations Committee. Tugendhat, “The fact that China-based tech giants support brutal attacks on the Uyghur people shows us as consumers and society that we need to be more careful about what products we buy or which companies we reward.Saying, “insinuating manner, he said Huawei should be boycotted. Turkey on the issue, while Huawei or any statement made by the Chinese government for the moment.