Huawei May Enter the Monitor and PC Market

According to information from China, Huawei plans to compensate for its decline in the smartphone market by entering the monitor and PC market. According to rumors, it was even clear from which manufacturers the company would buy the display panels.

Chinese tech giant Huawei, Since the temporary trade license issued by the USA expired on September 15 smart phone department has entered an uncertain future. Perhaps for this reason, perhaps because of Xiaomi’s unexpected success in the market; Huawei will enter the monitor market It was put forward.

According to the information provided by sources close to Huawei, the Chinese company will produce with flat and curved computer monitors aims to login. The sources that also share information about the display panels to be used by Huawei, include the display panels of Huawei; for curved monitors TPV TechnologyAlso for flat monitors BOEThey stated that they will receive from.

huawei monitor

It is a visual representation.

Huawei’s curved monitors will target gamers directly, 27 inches and 34 inches It was stated that it will be introduced with two screen sizes. Monitors with flat screens from three different models It has been reported to occur, but no information about screen sizes has been shared.

This is not all. According to rumors, Huawei aims to enter the desktop computer market as well as the monitor market. Rumor has it that the company does not own the PCs in question. HiSilicon produced by brand 7nm Kunpeng 920 3211K will build on the processor. Although there are workstations using this processor at the moment, these workstations are only available to Huawei corporate business partners.

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