Huawei: New Nova 5T comes with Google services to Germany

Actually, Huawei is no longer allowed to publish mobile phones with Google services – and yet the Chinese company has now announced the Nova 5T with Google Services. The new Huawei phone comes in Germany completely with pre-installed Google Apps on the market, has confirmed Huawei heise online.

The Nova 5T had already received approval for the Google services before Huawei was blacklisted by the US government during the May commercial dispute, Huawei said online. Externally and internally, the Nova 5T is an exact copy of the Honor 20, which brought the Huawei subsidiary Honor in the summer with the Google services in the trade. To the closer backgrounds – for example, whether the license for the 5T had to be requested separately – Huawei gave no information.

The hardware of the Nova 5T is indistinguishable from the features of the Honor 20: The display is 6.2 6 inches tall and has a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. Huawei also uses the Kirin 980 and 6 GB of RAM on the 5T. On the back sits a 48-MP camera, which is complemented by 16-MP wide-angle, 2-MP macro and 2-MP bokeh cameras. The Nova 5T is on sale on 29 October with Android 9. It should cost 430 euros – the price is likely to adapt to the apparently identical Honor 20.

As part of the trade dispute between the US and China Huawei were revoked the Google licenses. Huawei devices released by August are still allowed to run on full Google services. After that published mobile phones do not get access to Google services. The first affected device is the Huawei Mate 30, which may not use Google services and is not yet available in Germany.

In the first place, missing Google services means that popular Google apps like Maps, Mail, or the Play Store are not installed on your phone. But the restrictions are even deeper: popular Android phones, for example, also handle push notifications about the Play services. Alternatively, to enable push messages to be played through Huawei Mobile Services, developers need to customize their apps.

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