Huawei Sentenced to $ 10.5 Million

We know that Huawei and the US have not agreed recently. The Chinese company, together with ZTE, was forced to withdraw from the US market, resulting in both major market losses. However, worse news for Huawei is on the way.

According to recent reports, a jury member in Texas violated five of the standard-based patents of Huawei Technologies and its subsidiary Huawei Device USA's PanOptis Patent Management Company. For this reason, the jury in the US East District Court ordered Huawei to pay $ 10.5 million to PanOptis on Monday (August 27th).

In 2014, the US company PanOptis tries to contact Huawei, and proposed non-discriminatory conditions to license patents so that Huawei could continue to use these technologies. But after three years and countless letters, the Chinese technology giant refused to respond and PanOptis had to make a complaint in October 2017.


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According to the complaint, Huawei has violated several patents (five in total) regarding 4G LTE connectivity in consumer-grade devices.

Huawei Nexus 6P, Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei P8 Lite are among the alleged violations of Huawei's patents, according to the report. So far Huawei has not made an official comment on this. Although Huawei is found guilty if he is convinced that the Chinese government will appeal the case, it is necessary to pay $ 10.5 million in fines for the infringed patents.