Huawei to Launch “Reasonably Priced” Foldable Smartphone

According to a claim, Huawei is currently working on 3 foldable smartphone models. Two of these models will be more affordable than the flagship. But we do not know what level this “reasonable” price will be.

Although foldable smartphones have entered our lives, as you know, accessing these phones is not easy. The reason for this is, of course, the price tags of the phones. To take your place in this sector, which has not yet fully matured, five digit coins you have to take it out.

Chinese technology giant Huawei has allegedly started preparations to make a first in this regard. According to the claim, whose accuracy is not yet known, the company said, “entry-level price tagWill launch a foldable smartphone that will have it. Of course, we do not yet know what price this ‘entry level’ scale will correspond to.

Will there be 3 new foldable phones?


According to what is stated in the details of the claim, the company is working on three different foldable phone models. While one of these models will be the new member of the Huawei Mate X series, the other this modelBased on Mate X with more reasonable price tags will be released. It is also said that these two models will be offered to the global market, unlike Mate X.

Of course, these phones that Huawei will offer to the global market will also have a big disadvantage. Phones, out of the package Without having Google services will be released. On the other hand, improvements in the company’s AppGallery part may partially compensate users’ loyalty to Google services.


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We will only be able to learn how Huawei will set a reasonable level in foldable phones. The company’s latest flagship foldable phone is Mate X2, Starting at $ 2,785 was released. Therefore, it may be early to wait for a foldable phone to even land at a normal flagship price yet.

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