Huawei Trains Samsung at a Mall

Huawei trolled a South Korean rival by hanging a P30 Pro billboard on the Samsung store in the middle of a shopping center,

. This is because consumers who earn the most from intercompany competition.


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Huawei, the last etic commercial Kor with the South Korean smart phone manufacturer Samsung, though a little trolledi. The Chinese company hung a billboard for its latest flagship P30 Pro just above a Samsung store in Australia.

The Huawei CEO announced that they were aiming to become the world's largest smartphone manufacturer by passing through Samsung in 2020 with a statement made in the past. The company is also engaged in highly aggressive advertising campaigns against Samsung in line with this goal.


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Specifically, when Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S10 family was introduced, Huawei made references to Samsung with successive tweets and claimed that their flagship had even better features.

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