Huawei will not be able to produce Kirin chipsets since September

Huawei will not be able to use Kirin chipsets that power its smartphones as it will not be able to supply chips as of September 15, due to the US President Trump’s law that prevents the purchase of semiconductor products.

US-based after the US embargo on Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei semiconductor Unable to order its technology, Huawei has come to the end of its 120-day right. HiSilicon division, which produces chipsets for the Chinese tech giant, announced on Saturday next month. Kirin three of the chipsetsproduction will be stopped told.

Kirin chipsets used in Huawei smartphones will not be produced due to US pressure, the finance magazine Caixin said. Saying that this edition makes it impossible to produce essential components for the company’s smartphones, Huawei CEO Richard Yu said, “Our Kirin processors will not be produced as of September 15. In addition, our artificial intelligence chips will not be produced. This is such a loss for us”He made a statement.

Huawei chips used in Kirin chipsets TSMCIt was procuring from. The company sold chips to Huawei for a while after the US ban, but this right is now full, and therefore, hard times await Huawei.


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Kirin chipsets are the only Chinese processors to rival Qualcomm

On the other hand, those who cannot buy US products HuaweiIf it tries to buy chips from China, it will suffer a serious loss of power. QualcommIn case Kirin chipsets used to compete with Snapdragon chipsets cannot be produced, Huawei does not have many options. The company’s CEO Yu said that Huawei started exploring the chip industry 10 years ago and is moving from lagging behind to becoming a leader.

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