Human Horizons: Hiphi 1 is an electric SUV with many doors

Many doors, many screens: The young Chinese company Human Horizons has presented its first electric car. The Hiphi 1 is a sports utility vehicle (SUV), which will come in two years on the market. Noteworthy are the doors.

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The vehicle is about 5.2 meters long and can accommodate six passengers. It has in the most expensive equipment a four-wheel drive, which is implemented with two engines. Each of them has a power of 200 kilowatts. They accelerate the car in just under four seconds from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour. The largest battery variant has a capacity of 96 kilowatt hours. With a load, the vehicle is to come over 600 kilometers.

Human Horizons equips the vehicle with many sensors and other digital systems to according to own data "to create a unique intelligent vehicle type", The idea is to connect the vehicle to the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Energy (IoE).

Thus, the vehicle has more than 500 sensors and various processors. Internally, they are networked via Gigabit Ethernet. With the Internet and its direct environment, ie cars and infrastructure (V2X), the car communicates via 5G mobile radio. In addition, it can communicate with pedestrians: Under the headlamps, there is a matrix of light-emitting diodes, which are used as a display. In addition, the vehicle can signal pedestrians, for example, that they can cross the road. This is handy if the vehicle is automated. It is designed for conditionally automated driving (level 3).

Inside, the many screens stand out: So, in front of each seat, the five passengers are attached to the entertainment. The driver has an instrument panel and a monitor in the center console. On it, among other things, the images of the rear view cameras are displayed – the car has no conventional exterior mirrors.

The design of the doors is extravagant: the two front ones are conventional. On the other hand, the two rear sections are divided into two parts: The lower part opens in the opposite direction to the front doors, so it is struck at the rear. The upper part, however, is a hinged door. The doors are electrically operated. There is no key to open. Instead, the driver identifies by face recognition.

The prototype of Hiphi 1. (Image: Human Horizons)

Human Horizons wants to produce the Hiphi 1 from 2021 in series and initially bring only in China on the market. The company will not manufacture in its own factory, but in Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia, Yancheng, East China's Jiangsu Province. Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia is a joint venture of the South Korean manufacturer Kia Motors (50 percent) and the two Chinese manufacturers Dongfeng Motor Group and Jiangsu Yueda Group (25 percent each).