Hundreds of passengers in the US have been victims of Uber's policies

The policy that Uber watched in case his passengers vomited or otherwise harmed the vehicle was abused by some drivers in the United States.

Uber has a driver and vehicle protection policy in his country as well. In the United States, according to this policy, a cleaning fee of $ 80 to $ 150 is billed to passengers who pollute the interior of the vehicle.

In the framework of the rules applied in our country, photographs of the contaminated area need to be taken and the cleaning bill must be passed on to the company. After applying these transactions, the billing fee is reflected on the passenger, but there seems to be some confusion in Miami. U.S. passenger William Kennedy stated that Uber paid him a cleaning fee twice a night.


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Passenger William Kennedy said that he could get his money back after he filed a series of e-mails to the accidental cleaning fee. It was also stated that many people were also victims of the same and that their money could be taken after long struggles. In the near future, Uber is expected to take action to correct the inaccuracies that are alive.