Hunt Showdown: Gunslingers are happy about Akimbo

Hunt Showdown was on the Version 1.4.1 patched and has received an interesting new feature: Players can now carry the same handgun on the left and right, which is advantageous for some battles. This so-called dual-wielding aka Akimbo has been wanted by the players of the multiplayer first-person shooter for some time. In addition, there is also the long-required Trials Mode, in which we compete against monsters and perform tasks alone (PvE).

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Akimbo in Hunt Showdown (test) means that we have to collect the identical handgun twice, so at the push of a button we equip both hands accordingly. Classic rapid fire will then not work as well as sighting by sight and grain, but the ammunition reserve is larger. Especially semi-automatic pistols like that Bornheim No. 3rd are a pretty powerful tool with dual shielding.

Also new is PvE, so Player vs. Environment, in the form of 15 trials. Instead of competing against human opponents in Quickplay alone or tackling a bounty hunt for two or three, we are given tasks only for ourselves. In the Sniper Trial, for example, we should kill as many undead creatures as possible from the head of a wooden tower, we have four minutes to do this. As with every trial, there are three levels of difficulty, in this case around 10, 15 or 20 opponents – the two higher levels of difficulty also include killing two of the immolators that go up in flames. To make the challenges even more difficult, we cannot afford to miss shots on exploding barrels.

Hunt Showdown appeared in August 2019 for Windows PC, the version for Xbox One followed in September and that for Playstation 4 in February 2020. The multiplayer first-person shooter received very good ratings, but is still on two only – albeit large as well varied – limited cards.

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