Hyper Scape: Spectators can intervene in Ubisoft’s Battle Royale

Ubisoft has its own free battle royale action game called Hyper scape presented. It offers a map in a futuristic and subtly Parisian city called Neo-Arcadia, which is built up very vertically – not just on more or less flat land, but on rooftops and bridges and similarly high levels.

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One of the special features: viewers on Twitch can comment on the events, but can also influence the gameplay by voting. This can be used to activate unlimited ammunition or low gravity for the players.

In the games of Hyper Scape up to 100 participants fight alone or in squads of three participants each. As always, the winner in Battle Royale is whoever is the last in virtual life. In Hyper Scape you can also win by getting a crown in the endgame and holding it for 45 seconds. The area is reduced by a kind of building decay.

Anyone shot in squad mode is not condemned to watch the rest of the game. Instead, you can whiz through the world as a ghost and alert your comrades to opponents or other dangers. There are also respawns where opponents have been eliminated.

The players start with a melee weapon. As usual, further equipment has to be searched in the genre. In addition to weapons, there are nine hacks that players can use to make themselves invisible, teleport, or scan for opponents. Weapons and hacks can be upgraded in several stages, then they offer additional ammunition capacity or cause more damage.

Hyber Scape is expected to appear for Windows PC in 2020, console versions will follow later. The PC version can be played as part of a so-called “Technical Test” until July 7, 2020; Progress is carried over to the final version. To participate, you have to get a drop on Twitch – so watch and be lucky.

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