I am Jesus Christ: Make the resurrection with the Jesus simulator

It sounds like a joke or blasphemy, but it seems to be meant seriously and has no obvious blasphemous goals: In a game called I am Jesus Christ, one should soon be able to compete on Windows PC as a Savior. From the first-person perspective, players in an open world should be able to walk on water, do wonders, and do good – helping people, feeding the masses, calming down storms, and the like.

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A direct confrontation with Satan in the desert is also on the agenda. It seems that at least a few familiar game mechanics are used, such as the gathering of power – in this case by praying.

I am Jesus Christ begins with the baptism of the Son of God, later crucifixion occurs. This should of course follow the resurrection, at least if the player makes no mistakes or supernatural forces bring about a program crash.

The program is created by an unknown developer studio called Simulam. Publisher is a company called Playway, which has so far published the Thief Simulator, the Car Mechanic Simulator and the Cooking Simulator. The named titles are not junk, but have become on Steam apparently sold well and received very good ratings from users on average.

It is unclear on which engine the game is based. The graphics in the trailer and on the pictures is quite successful. It is also unclear to what extent the program explains, comments on or even questions the biblical processes – or whether it primarily understands itself as entertainment. No information available for the price and scheduled release date. On Steam it says only "Coming soon", Whether the simulated Jesus arrives punctually at Christmas is not yet known.

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