I Samsung Coin i plan from the technology giant Samsung

According to the news in Coin Desk, South Korean technology giant Samsung is developing its own Blockchain network and also plans to remove its own token.

The news that is based on a Samsung official says that the company's Blockchain arm has built a Blockchain network based on Ethereum. It was reported. However, the study is still in the experimental stage.

Authorized, 19 We are currently thinking about a special block chain although it is not yet final. In the future there may be a public chain, but I think it will be a hybrid. A combination of the private block chain and the public chain. Bir

Samsung has a Samsung Samsung Coin Eğer when the development of the block chain is complete, according to the news.

Samsung Coin, like Bitcoin and Ether, if the company develops a public block chain in the future Crypto money exchanges such as publicly traded. According to the official, Samsung can also bring the Blockchain technology to the payment application Samsung Pay, but this has not been decided yet

Samsung's Blockchain arm has been actively working for a year and developing a number of projects.

Two months ago, the company introduced crypto money private keys. and the launch of the Galaxy S10, the flagship mobile phone that features Blockchain-based digital signatures, and a quick introduction to the Blockchain arena.

Officially released the crypto-money wallet that was compatible with Samsung, Ether and Ethereum-based ERC20 token It has announced. Some reports show that his purse is available only in certain countries.

The S10 also supports centripal applications such as the crypto gaming platform Enjin, the beauty community Cosmee, the crypto collection platform CryptoKitties and the payment service CoinDuck.

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