I tore iPhone X in blender and tried to drink water

Please do not try at home what you will watch soon! The famous Youtube channel TechRax shattered an iPhone X in a blender on the video it published and did not drink it like fruit juice.

A YouTuber made the iPhone X dust in a blender and tried to drink it. The video that really says, "What do you need?" Was shot by TechRax's stuntman and YouTuber Taras Maksimuk. YouTuber shattered the rather expensive iPhone X, put the remains in a container and then added water on it;

The famous YouTuber had never left the iPhone before on Youtube.


In the channel that is based on this theme, it threw iPhones into boiling water and even dynamite.
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Here is Youtuber Taras Maksimuk tearing the iPhone X and trying to drink like fruit juice: