IBM Can Use Mobile Phones for Weather Forecast

Consumer Electronics Fair In CES 2019, not only the technological products produced but also research and development activities are introduced. A research and development project introduced by IBM at the fair aims to provide a high-precision weather forecast with data from barometers on mobile phones

offers solutions. The accuracy of the predicted model has not yet been proven, but if the model is validated, the weather forecasting process can change considerably

. GRAF offers a 3-kilometer resolution in estimates where there is a lot of data, such as the United States. But this figure goes up to 15 km where data is less accessible.

Compared with other models used; The European model offers a resolution of 9 km while the American model produces results with a resolution of 13 km. This shows how high the resolution of GRAF is.


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In an interview with Earther, TWC's meteorological analyst Todd Hutchinson said working with high resolution would create a standard for weather forecasting. "GRAF generally works smoothly, but there are still some difficulties in transitions between the 3 km and 15 km resolutions. As the model expands our work, a more stable system will be created."

All of these estimates need to be processed quickly to ensure that all of these estimates are correct. The computing capabilities of the supercomputer are quite high. To handle all data, these computers need 3.5 PetaByte storage, almost equivalent to 55,000 iPhone 64GB. The biggest reason for such high processing power is necessary; weather information balloon, weather forecast balloons, planes and millions of smartphones.


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The barometers on our smartphones have been a key element for meteorologists for many years. The pressure data obtained here allow for a prediction of storms. But this situation brings with it the privacy problem. Last week, the Weather Channel application was the focus of reactions with the claim that it was collecting data that TWC could use. According to the project introduced by IBM at CES, these data from users can play an active role in weather forecasting in the coming years.