IBM wins patent pending to Groupon

IBM won the patent litigation that Groupon opened. IBM, which accused the company of using four different patents, claimed $ 167 million in damages.

Patents often cause major problems, especially among technology giants. As one of the most patented companies in IBM, it often comes up with patent lawsuits, and finally Groupon is sued for four different patent infringement cases.

After the announcement of the IBM spoken outcome, the companies have invested $ 6 billion annually in research and development work, and the protection of these services said they were very satisfied with the court's decision. The Groupon spokesman said they would continue to advocate that they did not infringe any patents.


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Groupon's lawyer stated that IBM was trying to buy all the patents on the market and trying to make money from companies with thousands of patents held. It might be true that if IBM thinks that the US has got more patents in the US than all the companies in the last 25 years and now has 9043 patents in it, the company really uses it as an 'income' method.