iCloud: Outsourcing of User Data on Third-Party Servers Takes Apple Action

Apple stores iCloud data not only on its own servers, but also externally – such as Google and Amazon. Two iCloud subscribers in the US have filed a class action lawsuit against this practice: They accuse the iPhone group of breaching the data by quietly outsourcing their data and deceiving customers who entrust their data to the Group.

The complainants complain that Apple in the iCloud terms of use and the conclusion of an iCloud subscription does not clearly indicate the fact of possible data removal. Instead, the terms of service state that when iCloud is activated, content is automatically sent to Apple "and Apple stores it" – this is a breach of contract.

Apple estimates a premium price for storing users' data without, however, explicitly stating that they can end up on third-party servers from vendors who sometimes sell cloud storage at lower prices, according to the application (reference 5) : 19-cv-04700, United States District Court Northern District of California).

Since the data stored in iCloud can also be sensitive information, the choice for a particular cloud provider is essential for customers, argue the plaintiffsFinally, this provider would be entrusted with the personal data. The plaintiffs are seeking damages at an unnamed level and an injunction to prohibit Apple from acting as the sole provider of iCloud storage.

That Apple occasionally outsource iCloud data, has long been known, although not obvious to end users. In a security white paper, the company noted the circumstance for quite some time, was here last year also confirmed for the first time that Apple uses the cloud infrastructure of Google, in addition to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

Any file uploaded by iCloud users should be broken down into pieces encrypted by "iCloud with AES-128 and a SHA-256 key derived from the contents of each part," as Apple explains in the document. Keys and metadata can be saved in the user's iCloud account. The encrypted file parts may then be stored on cloud services of other providers, "without information that identifies the user", as Apple points out. For a long time, Apple is expected to keep all iCloud data (except China) on its own servers.

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