ICO of AITrading commenced trading platform with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AITrading, everyone can easily control their assets.

London, England – May 16, 2018: AI Trading is a trade that brings together and brings together the latest innovations of the market, professional traders, trade consultants, stockbrokers and leading stock exchanges.

The AITrading ecosystem is based on Blockchain, Al and ML technologies and aims to create a one-click transparent trading environment.

AITrading constantly finds new trade ideas by observing normal trade events. At the same time, it suggests the most appropriate action, taking into account user preferences and risk differences. For a specific idea, it recommends trading strategies at different profit / loss ratios. The user only chooses the suggestion from the list, evaluates it using backtesting and accepts it if it likes it. In addition, AITrading creates investment portfolios, chooses appropriate portfolios, and offers them to users. It uses unconventional Big Data sources as data for AI-based analysis, for use in traditional technical and fundamental analyzes. Moreover, AITrading makes it possible for third parties to gain access to the AI-engine's analytical functions.

AITrading CEO Alexey Shirobokov, "Being an active trader on the stock market often means constantly being connected to the phone or computer. There is a risk of constant loss due to insufficient trading ideas or wrong trading strategies. AITrading has a much better idea. Technology is unprecedentedly transparent and democratic. Explores 24/7 trading ideas, develops strategies that can be used by the entire community rather than just large investments and banks. So AITrading brings a new approach to the market and expands the business models of financial institutions quickly and seamlessly. "

The team has already announced Crowdfunding technologies. AITrading will make a donation on early access purchases to the platform's information service. In order to confirm pre-payment, AITrading will present AITT tokens (in ERC-20 standard). Preliminary sales will start on June 10, 2018 and continue until July 5, 2018. The actual period will be from 6th July to 18th August. An AITT token will cost € 0.88. The minimum acceptable payment is 88 €.

The campaign is expected to collect € 60 million. 26.5% of this will be spent on infrastructure support, security and integration and 27% on marketing and PR.

About AITrading is an AI-based trading ecosystem. It has both an internet interface and a mobile app. AITrading brings together 4 basic elements to make property control extremely easy and efficient: Machine Analysis, Trade Infrastructure, Market Community and Modern Interface. The combination of these services on a single platform that works with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology creates an unusual synergistic effect, which offers unprecedented business opportunities. AITrading offers services in four different markets: crypto money and crypto assets, forex, net worth and commodity.

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