If 1 Million Doses of Vaccine Are Made Per Day, When Will The Bans Be Lifted?

The increase in the rate of vaccination and the coronavirus vaccination of more than half a million citizens a day were evaluated by scientists. Scientists making statements are satisfied with the speed of vaccination.

A brand new era has begun in Turkey’s fight against coronavirus. The increase in the amount of vaccine stock means that the scope of the occupational groups in the risk group and the age group that can get vaccination appointments. to the expansion led to As such, citizens make appointments for vaccines to get rid of the scourge of coronavirus and have the first dose of vaccination. In fact, according to the latest data, daily vaccination capacity, around 600 thousand has reached.

The increase in vaccination rate was evaluated by scientists. Making statements on the subject, Prof. from Ankara University. Dr. Necmettin UnalHe said that Turkey’s daily vaccination capacity is over 600 thousand. In this context, the scientist, who argues that 1 million people should be vaccinated daily, said that if this condition is fulfilled, the bans and restrictions applied. within 2 months It means it’s over.

Community immunity will eliminate the need for prohibitions

COVID-19 vaccine

According to Necmettin Ünal, in order to talk about social immunity in Turkey, 70 percent up to 80% need to be vaccinated. Saying that if this happens, the restrictions applied due to the coronavirus will not be needed, the scientist said that the vaccination rate should be increased and herd immunity He also states that the possibility of a variant specific to Turkey will decrease if provided.


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President of Turkish Microbiology Society Prof. Dr. In the statements made by Barış Otlu, it is stated that the effects of the vaccine will be seen better in the coming months. With the increase in the rate of vaccination, the number of new cases will decrease a lot. Saying that, the scientist states that there will be a great decrease in the cases of people applying to the hospital due to COVID-19. All these people return to their old normal will provide.

“If 60 percent of the population is vaccinated, there will be no need for the word epidemic”


Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık, on the other hand, by increasing the vaccination rate, 60 percentHe states that he should be vaccinated as soon as possible. The scientist, who argues that if this situation occurs, there will be no need to call COVID-19 an epidemic, infection indicates that the phrase can be used.


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Another person who made statements on the subject was Scientific Committee Member Levent Akın. Akin, in case the vaccination goes like this mid july He states that 50 to 60 million citizens will be vaccinated with at least 1 dose. According to the Scientific Committee member, if the vaccination continues like this, autumn monthswill ensure a return to normal life. However, Levent Akın thinks that even if vaccination is done at the desired level, mask and distance rules will be needed a little more.

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