If the sharding is better then Ethereum may give up the Casper raising!

Ethereum is working hard to remove the scalability problem from the middle. In this direction, the developers are thinking of upgrading Sharding by skipping the upgrade of the Ethereum Casper with the new strategy. Vitalik Buterin trusts Sharding for scalability solution.

Ethereum did not get the desired boost from Casper amplification

Casper FFG is a scalability solution that saves on resources and improves operational efficiency when going from PoW to PoS. However, with PoS, the network may become more centralized. This is something the Ethereum community wants to avoid at all costs. At this point, Ethereum is using a PoW algorithm. However, the network has grown so much because of the ETH and many ERC20 token support. Bitcoin is doing more transactions than its own network.

 Sharding may give up Ethereum Casper elevation if it is better
Sharding may give up Ethereum Casper elevation if better

Ethereum Casper FFG, one of the first solutions suggested. Previous work showed that Bitcoin and Ethereum PoW's energy consumption is a real problem.

Sharding is the future of Ethereum

Justin Drake, Ethereum's research team, who answered this question, clarified the situation and said:

Justin from the Sharding research team. We apologize for this complexity. We intend to change the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap by passing 1500 ETH deposit friendly Casper FFG (Friendly Fidelity Gagdet). With this change, the Casper and Sharding approvers will be combined on the beacon (bottom) chain and the deposit amount will be 32 ETH. This is a new but unconfirmed plan.

If this is confirmed, the development of the Casper FFG can become unnecessary because of the implementation of the Sharding and put on the side. The use of a signal chain as a coupling factor between both protocols requires some sort of guidance to make the process more efficient.

Casper and Sharding work independently

Justin Drake also said that they did not mention a common practice, and that the new road maps should be used with the following words

This does not mean that we started Sharding and Casper together in the same version. This is more of an application detail. According to the new road map, the performance of Casper FFG when it is in operation should accelerate Casper's development considerably. In terms of scaling, Casper and Sharding work completely independently. Our latest news, Telegram from our channel, Instagram from our account, Facebook from our page and [(19659017)Youcanfollowitonouraccount