If we buy one of all Apple products, how much do we pay?

Apple's annual, now traditionalized September event has been completed. The program, which was very impressive to some and extremely mediocre to many people, introduced Cupertino's new products. So, if we take one of each product introduced by Apple in the last 2 hours, how much will it take?

Let's create a scenario together. So far, you've always used Apple products, and all the tools you've got belong to the Apple ecosystem. Naturally, you cannot easily switch to another system. But the devices in your hand are getting older and you want to renew them. You've decided to buy all the products introduced at today's Apple event.

Or forget it, let's write another story. You don't have to buy anything. You're just wondering: "How much would I pay if I bought all the top models of Apple's new products?" We answer this question for you. Before we tell you the exact amount, let us know in advance, you pay a lot. But how much? Let's look together.

iPhone 11 family

iphone 11 family

Apple has updated its iPhones this year just like every year. Names have become much more understandable than last year; so iPhone XR's successor, the iPhone 11, is not a low-end device, but a standard model. iPhones, like the MacBooks, also got the Pro model. Two different sizes. Now, let's get one of these:

  • iPhone 11 (256GB): $ 849

  • iPhone 11 Pro (512 GB): $ 1349

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (512 GB): $ 1449

Apple Watch Series 5

It's a bit complicated, because Apple has introduced the clock on stage in general. (see here) When we look at the Apple Store, we see 32 different Apple Watches. The reason it is so much is that the belt changes basically. Aside from smart watches, it is not unreasonable for Apple to offer these options because we can see thousands of dollars even in normal wristwatches. So we wanted to get the average.

  • Apple Watch Series 5 Herm├Ęs Edition: $ 1399

  • Standard Apple Watch Series 5: $ 399

  • Average: $ 899

iPad 7

ipad 7

Apple, the iPad issue was mixed thoroughly. While there used to be 2 different iPad sizes, 9.7 inches and 7.9 inches, now there are many iPad sizes. The iPad 7, introduced today, comes with a 10.2-inch screen. The price is more affordable than other iPads.

  • iPad 7 (128GB – WiFi + Cellular): $ 559

Apple Arcade

apple arcade

This is the first time we have seen a game subscription system from Apple. The price of the service, which will come with more than 100 games, is quite remarkable when we look at the history of Apple's pricing policy. The new service will be available for only $ 4.99 per month. Of course, it would not be right to think that those who will use it will use a single month. Therefore, we evaluate the price we received over 1 year. We did not add a free trial period of 1 month; So we got the 11-month price.

  • Apple Arcade subscription (1 year): $ 54.89

Apple TV +

Apple TV +, a similar subscription system at Apple Arcade, where you can learn more about it, is a service that we are familiar with. The first production of Netflix-like system is played by Jason Momoa, who we know as Aquaman. The monthly price of the service is the same as the Apple Arcade: $ 4.99.

  • Apple TV + subscription (1 year): $ 54.89

We came to the most curious part: How much does it cost?

When we write and add up the prices of each of the items mentioned above, the resulting price is as follows: $ 5,214.78. When we translate this into Turkish Lira with today's exchange rate, 30 thousand pounds we are faced with the price. Of course, there is no tax in these prices. You know, tax rates in the US vary by state, but if we say 10 percent of the US tax rate as an average and flat account, the price $ 5700 (about 33 thousand pounds) Tactics.

Of course, there is the other side of the coin is that prices in Turkey. Unfortunately, Apple does not pursue a regional pricing policy. So the dollar price is directly translated into Turkish lira and then added tax in Turkey. Turkey Apple did not disclose the price of the above devices as more formal. But we don't think we'il be happy to explain. If we make a reasonable estimate, we try to get all these devices with Turkey price, 55 thousand TL it wouldn't be so wrong to have it.