IIoT: expands CrateDB for decentralized use at the edge

The CrateDB database, which is optimized for applications in IIoT environments (Industrial Internet of Things), is now also available in a version for use at the edge as part of the managed database-as-a-service. With the release of CrateDB Edge, the provider wants to make the central functions of the distributed SQL database in cluster operation available in full at remote locations in order to be able to ensure data acquisition and analysis on site even if the Internet connection is interrupted.

IIoT: expands CrateDB for decentralized use at the edge

CrateDB Edge also allows the use of the database service at remote locations.


While recently made all database functions from the Enterprise Edition freely accessible to users of the self-managed self-deploy version of CrateDB under an Apache 2.0 license, the new CrateDB Edge is initially an extension of the managed cloud -Service provided by CrateDB Cloud. The database service is available on the AWS and Azure platforms, but can also be integrated with on-premises CrateDB instances in hybrid environments. In such scenarios, the CrateDB Edge cluster is hosted via container orchestration with Kubernetes.

CrateDB Edge gives developers the opportunity to build applications primarily for edge use, which can be synchronized across clusters if necessary – between the edge and central database instances as well as directly between different endpoints at the edge of the cloud. The comparison can be carried out asynchronously in all cases, so that any communication interruptions can be intercepted.

Further information on CrateDB Edge can be found in the blog post about the announcement of the database expansion. As part of an early adopter program, invites interested users to test and implement Lighthouse Cloud and Edge use cases with CrateDB Edge.


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