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Ethereum's long-awaited Constantinople update With the St. Petersburg update, it was successfully performed yesterday evening. With this update, Ethereum aims to use the Proof-of-Stake (crypto-money infrastructure algorithm), which has been opened

. In addition, the consensus among the Ethereum developers has destroyed hopes for some speculators to break up the chain and to bring out a fry fork from Ether.

Due to a major security breach that was previously scheduled to take place in January, but a few days before the update

With the activation of two updates, four different Ethereum improvement recommendations (EIP) were officially launched on the Ethereum network. One of the most important changes was the reduction of mining awards from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block.

Chinese programmer Wang Zhou, who closely followed Ethereum updates, spoke to Fengchao Finance, the blockchain media platform, and said:

Get The reduction in block prizes may distract Ethereum miners and discard them. Some miners may seek to mining smaller crypto coins using the Proof of Work algorithm. Ethereum's big move doesn't look good for miners in the short term, but in the long run, Ethereum can recover the ground it lost in the blockchain field. Em

Guo Yuzhi, chief operating officer of China-based crypto-money mining equipment manufacturer Panda Miner, also evaluated this update and comment:

65 Ethereum is one step closer to the goal of becoming a more scalable, decentralized platform. One of the factors that will start the next bull race is this update. In

Ethereum's price follows a horizontal course following the Constantinople update. Crypto money is currently traded at $ 137. It is expected that the 3: 1 reduction of Constantinople and hence the block awards will affect the price in the coming days.

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