Illustrations for JBL's Headphones

Audio system maker JBL has released beautiful illustrations to introduce noise-canceling headphones.

US-based sound system maker JBL has shared beautiful illustrations for noise-canceling headphones. Interesting content shared by Twitter user Gökhan Yücel has been welcomed in social media. Preparing successful illustrations in different concepts, JBL seems to have made a major touch for its headphones.

Football Confusion

Football is a sporting sport which is abundantly confused when played and watched.


In the work of coaches of Manchester United and Manchester City,
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Women's Maintenance Procedures

Generally, women spend more time on personal care than men. Often done quite loudly, these maintenance procedures will not be a problem for you with JBL's noise-canceling headphones.

Our Pets

Our pets are very important to us and an indispensable part. Our pets, which are quite loud at some time, will no longer be able to distinguish our music enjoyment with JBL.


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Babies & Voices

Babies are loved by all, but at some point they can increase the amount of noise in the environment. In this study, it was explained that the sounds that the babies are leaving are no longer a problem.

Trump vs Kim Jong-Un

The agenda of the world is very complicated and the leaders do not see a cry for each other. JBL, which targets politics with this work, has discussed the debate that has once lived between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-in.


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Illustrations, which are frequently used in the advertising industry, have become a new business branch. You can also use this link to follow Gökhan Yücel, which is a remarkable share of design and advertising.