Impressive View Of The Abandoned Military Ship Many Years Ago

A Dutch photographer sneaked into ships in a military ship cemetery and took extremely impressive photos. Among the photographed ships are the ships in World War II.

The warships, which have an important place in the defense of the countries, either disintegrate or dismantle after completing their term of office. ship cemeteries they are sent and left alone. These cemeteries, located in various parts of the world, especially attract photographers.

Dutch photographer and city explorer who have been touring ship graveyards for about 10 years and photographed these huge scrap piles Bob Thissenbroadcasts unique shipwreck photos on YouTube channel. Photographing abandoned buildings, planes and many other places besides the abandoned ships in this channel, Thissen can reveal the beauty behind the old structures.

Thissen is the best ship in this cemetery that he has discovered. Missile cruiser Colbert said that. French missile cruiser Colbert, who was stranded in Toulon in 1942, was initially asked to be used as a museum after completing his term, but this plan was abandoned because the maintenance costs were too high. After that, he was taken to the junkyard where many large and small ships were located.

Images from the French missile cruiser Colbert


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