In the Eli Earpiece of the EOSIO 1.0 Version, announces that the EOSIO 1.0 version is in her hand and will be on the market very soon.

From the initial development stages of EOSIO, is very clear that will not market public blockchains to ERC20 tokens as it is clear that the developer community knows how to use this software and is able to obtain commercial support. in a way. is one of the leading developers of blockchain technology, creating the EOS.IO software. also introduced a new blockchain architecture that allows the centralized applications to scale vertically and horizontally with the EOS.IO version of the software.

The EOSIO 1.0 Version, which will be released by, will only offer general filing and a few example contracts.

Startups and other organizations that want to develop their own blockchain inspired by EOSIO software will have the power to customize's pools according to their needs. The number of tokens to configure, initial deployment, start nodes, and token symbols are some of the things that can be customized.

In the statement made by, the team is aware of the fraudsters intending to steal private information using different applications and software warning users against. Before all users upload the new version to their computers, they must carefully watch everything about the project one by one.

It is known that the new President and Chief Operating Officer has very high expectations for the EOSIO 1.0 Version

A crypto-capitalist Pomp ]

"The CFO of Australia's largest bank has left his job and has become the President & Chief Operating Officer of EOS and The brain drain from Silicon Valley and Wall Street continues. "

Thomas Alex:

" You've done a great job with the EOS team. I can not wait to see the version of EOSIO 1.0. "