In the Fire, People Saved with a Pea Truck (Video)

A restaurant fire in China showed that a quick thinking of being educated and practical intelligence could save lives.

The grave accident in China's Changli district is a loss of life due to a practical intellectual Chinese who is passing through the area at that time It ended without it. People in the fire who started on the first floor of a restaurant and then splashed on top of a cake, were left inside.

When Jiang Fengchen, a 39-year-old trucker who was in panic in the middle of the hurry and parked in front of a window of a pea truck, thought quickly. The idea that came out that the fire crews were not able to approach the region with the effect of the market establishment that day was quite practical and intelligent; using peas as a soft landing area to save people.

Fengchen's plan worked flawlessly; A total of 20 people were left out of the fire.


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