In this shop it becomes a reality

  • A new partnership between Azerion and Balr. enables players of "Hotel Hideaway" to optimize their virtual style.
  • A quarter of a million items sold in the first two weeks: The integration of brand marketing into the gaming experience has been very well received.
  • Virtual fashion becomes a new gaming experience.

What is virtual fashion? Imagine a virtual hotel where you can shop for real brands. A dream that is now coming true thanks to the partnership between the Dutch premium lifestyle brand Balr. and the popular social game "Hotel Hideaway" by Azerion.

Virtual fashion is an integrative experience

The first branded in-game shop of the virtual hotel is a trendsetter: an integrative experience instead of offensive advertising. The campaign skilfully combines clothing and everyday items with the gaming experience. In the first two weeks, 25 percent of all “Hotel Hideway-Player in the virtual Balr.-Shop a. This corresponds to a quarter of a million items sold. Favorite items included the classic white Balr sneakers. Players wore the virtual shoes for a total of 250 million seconds (that's almost eight years). Article by Balr. were worn for a total of 1.5 billion seconds in the first two weeks (almost 50 years).

Virtual fashion
Hotel Hideway players can shop in the virtual Balr.Shop. ((Image: Azerion)

In-game advertising is extremely effective

"Players value brands when they are an active part of their game," said Kim van Teunenbroek, Global Partnership Director at Azerion. "They feel that it contributes to their experience, which is why the reactions are so positive." In-game advertising has always proven to be extremely effective. But this partnership goes one step further: Players can browse, buy and wear the virtual Balr.collection in the game. You feel like in a top hotel, in the BALR. operates the hotel's clothing store.

Gamers influence friends' buying habits

The partnership between Balr. and Azerion is reflected in their shared values. Both companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach and inspire new audiences. A study by NewZoo shows that gamers are particularly interested in branded clothing
interested. Around half of all gamers keep up to date with their favorite products through advertising. In addition, they are 23 percent more likely to affect the buying habits of their friends and families.

Virtual fashion
With the help of Balr. players can optimize their virtual style. (Image: Azerion)

Virtual fashion becomes part of the gaming experience

"We are always looking for new ways to support our partners in involving their users," says van Teunenbroek. "It is technically highly complex to integrate such a shop into a game, but the extremely positive results show that this effort is worth it." Juul Manders, CEO of Balr .: "On average, players spend more than 25 minutes with Hotel Hideaway , and they keep coming back. By balr. part of their gaming experience, we get an amazing response. The players act as multipliers and tell their friends about their experiences. The message from Balr is enough. far beyond the game. "

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