Tech Became the New Main Sponsor of Beşiktaş Esports

Beşiktaş Esports, which is in the Vodafone Freezone Championship League, announced its new main sponsor. According to the statement made, İ will be the new main sponsor of Beşiktaş Esports.

One of the most preferred institutions of our country for internet hardware shopping., One of Turkey's leading sports club Besiktas Esports team sponsors.

Tuesday, February 11 With the announcements made on the day, the agreement between Beşiktaş and was announced. İncehesap.the comer in his sharing, Besiktas One of the slogans associated with "We've Come to Strengthen Your Power”Slogan was used.

Beşiktaş has been involved in e-sports for a long time

besiktas esports

One of the most established sports clubs in our country Besiktas, earlier League of Legends He entered the e-sports world with his team and represented our country in many tournaments. The team in Black and White competes in many different games.

İ, Black Eagles PUBG, FIFA 20, Zula and League of Legends became the main sponsor of their team. For the sponsorship agreement announced by the company on Twitter Besiktas one of the most known anthems, “We've Come to Strengthen Your Power”He said.


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Beşiktaş E-sports team started to take care of professional e-sports in our country first it became one of the sports clubs. The black and white team is expected to announce the terms of the agreement in the coming days.

What is

besiktas esports

I incehesap.coIt was established in 2008. The aim of the company is to offer consumers products at very affordable prices. That's why the firm from advertising and avoids opening a store.


Beşiktaş Enters Anime Business in Japan

Many websites where you can shop from our country or directly to your own address It is possible to meet all kinds of technological needs., introduces itself as a company that displays “stance against exaggerated prices” in the statements on its site. and Besiktas Esports What do you say to the cooperation between? The cooperation between black and whites and seems to be beneficial for both parties.

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