Indian Traders Still Active in the Sector Despite Uncertainties in Regulations

Crypto money has been a turbulent period and for some time, the lawmakers tried to understand the technology in India, the citizens preferred the most crypto money. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, TRON and Bittorrent Token according to the list; Indian citizens have the most traded crypto coins


According to data from Bitcoin News, Indian citizens are still very keen to use crypto money despite all the negative developments. From the beginning of January until the first week of March; The most favored coin of Indian citizens was Bitcoin

while XRP and Ethereum came after leading crypto money; There is no surprise in this part of the list. However, the arrival of TRX and BTT in addition to these crypto coins is also valuable in terms of the fact that the recent events have the effect of telling the effect of the recent events. Looking at the last two months' trade volume, Indian citizens are among the most preferred crypto coins. Likewise, TRON, the company behind BTT, managed to find space in this area even though it was not in the top 5.