India's O Yeti “Discovering from Nepal:’ The Bear is the Bear ’

India's claim that the legendary creature found the footsteps of the Yeti came from Nepal

The Indian army had suddenly settled on the world's agenda with a recent discovery. Indian authorities, who announced that they had found their footprint and had evidence in their hands, also published a footprint photo to support their claims.

The Nepalese authorities do not seem to have taken this statement very seriously. Nepalese officials, who have troops on the same reconnaissance mission as the Indian army, say the traces belong to wild bears common in the region.


            Indian Army: We Found Footprints of Yeti

Brigadier General Bigyan Dev Pandey of the Nepal Army made a statement to the Indian Times. Birlik A team from the Indian army noticed their footprints, and our liaison team was with them. We tried to uncover the original. Ise usu The local people and the ones who helped the climb said (sherds) that the tracks belong to the wild bears that are common in this region, aya

. evidence This Yeti description was met with ridicule and suspicion. The army had stated that there was evidence on it and that the evidence was represented to the experts.


            E Semi-Human, Half-Dog Ort Creature That Causes Panic at Night!

According to scientists there is no sign of Yeti, but the belief in the existence of this giant creature among the local peoples of the Himalayas is quite strong. :