Indigenous War Jedi Project Takes State Support to the Back

The F-35 crisis between the United States and our country helped the domestic war jet project.

The tension that has arisen with the arrest of priest Andrew Brunson in our country is the result of the US government's decision to stop the delivery of the F-35 the level is even higher. Our country management, who did not think to step back in the face of this decision, decided to focus on the domestic war jet project. According to the report published by Habertürk, the scope of the support to the domestic project will be as follows:

5 billion 659 million 670 thousand TL fixed investment for the project which is expected to last 15 years. The project, which is expected to produce 12 warplanes a year, will be the business gate for 3,000 personnel. The qualified staff of this staff, which will be selected by qualified experts, may charge up to 20 times the minimum wage.


The project, which was launched in the field of investment, will also provide full support for VAT exemption, customs tax exemption, interest and profit sharing support (440 million TL)
            US, Turkey to Make the F-35 is the delivery freezes

If the project that is planned to be the center of Ankara will not be completed within 15 years, it will be supported by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for 7 and a half years.