Infrastructure: Suse gives up own Openstack offers

About six years ago, Linux distributor and open source specialist Suse unveiled a first version of its own version of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution, OpenStack. How the company communicatesHowever, in the future, new versions of the Suse Openstack Cloud will no longer be created and the distribution of the product will be completely discontinued.

Job market

  1. FCA Bank Germany GmbH, Heilbronn
  2. ENERCON GmbH, Bremen, Kiel

Existing customers should be accompanied until the end of their respective contracts. Even when switching to other technologies Suse wants to help its customers. The same applies to partners in the Openstack environment of Suse. Instead of focusing on OpenStack, they want to focus more on the Cloud Application Platform, which is based on the Cloud Foundry Platform and the CaaS Platform, in a new strategic direction. This container platform from Suse is based on Kubernetes.

Michael Miller, director of strategy and marketing at Suse, writes in a blog post that the reorientation towards more dynamic hybrid and multi-cloud application landscapes and dev ops processes meet customers' needs.

To further connect to the OpenStack community, the company shares: "Suse will continue to work closely with the Openstack Foundation, and we will be adapting our engagement in this project to our plans for the future." Suse will also coordinate with the Foundation to adjust our board position and sponsorship level as well In addition, in addition to OpenStack, Suse will continue to evaluate and incorporate specific OSF projects, if appropriate, in line with the needs of our customers and partners. "