Inka Civilization is More Successful than 17th Century Doctors

In the past days, researchers faced each other with a stunning finding. The Inca civilization, which was founded in the 11th century, was more successful than the civil war physicians who worked in the 17th century in the skull surgeon.

In the 11th century, the Inca civilization, which was founded on the western shores of South America, was a very successful point on the skull surgeon. When we thought about the conditions of the brain, medical interventions for the skull and brain should have been a mystery. However, the Inca civilization developed so much in this area that the lives of the patients could be saved by up to 80%.

When we look at the conditions of the conditions, these rates are a miracle. In the 17th century during the civil war in the United States, the success rate in skull surgery is around 50%.

In an area of ​​the skull, Trepanise, a surgical technique that allows a piece to be removed and removed without damaging the brain membrane surrounding the brain, It is also thought to be used by the İnkılarlar.


Although the method of trepan was found in skulls in different parts of the world, it has the most suitable geography for this method.
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John Verano, a biomarkerologist at Kushner and Tulane University, has reached the end of his studies on skulls. Behind the success of the Inca civilization, which we live in today's so-called Peru, there is the dry climate and excellent protection conditions of the geography in which they live.