InSight Tool – Sunrise and Sunset Photos in Mars

NASA shared the photos of InSight, a vehicle on Mars. There are sunrise and sunsets on Mars in the photos

We get footage from spacecraft that we send to space travel.

The last shared photos came from the InSight spacecraft that entered the 145th day of the new task on the surface of Mars. In the photos of 24-25 April, we witness the sunrise and sunset on the red planet. On the lower deck of the vehicle, the camera also managed to display some clouds.

NASA made both RAW and color edited. The edited version contains the dawn and group of eyes of a human being planted on the surface of Mars. The InSight team shares this kind of landscape photograph for the second time.


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Previously, the photos of the vehicle were shared on 2 and 10 March. NASA captures these photos of sunsets and sunsets when tasks are completed. Viking 1 was the first vehicle to send sunset and sunrise photos from another planet. Following the photographs from 1976 and 1978, this tradition continued with Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity.


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The InSight tool was also able to record the first Mars earthquake in history (Mars Shake?). The equipment in the robotic arms of the vehicle allows it to examine the surface of the planet and to perform various different tasks.