Instagram Is Testing Two New Features

According to screenshots revealed by two different names, Instagram is developing two new features for its live streaming and stories features. With these features, users will be able to continue using the app while watching live streams on Instagram and will have more options for who can see the story they share.

One of the most popular social media apps in the world InstagramDespite having more than 1 billion users worldwide, both to gain new users and to increase the time existing users spend in the application new features continues to improve. Accordingly, Instagram is coming soon live broadcasts and stories will offer two remarkable features for

Instagram’s live streaming feature allows users to engage with their followers interactively. a favorite feature people who participate in the live broadcast of a person they follow can not do anything else within the application while watching the broadcast. more freedom It was thought that it should present.

Instagram plans to eliminate the need to watch live streams in full screen

Instagram live broadcast test

According to the information provided by InstaLeaks, Instagram is finally preparing to offer this freedom. As you can see in the screenshot above, Instagram has a picture-in-picture (PiP) preparing to offer support. In this way, while users continue to watch the live broadcast they are watching by shrinking them to a corner of the screen, on the other hand, within the Instagram application stroll they will be able to continue doing.

Another new Instagram feature created by Alessandro Paluzzi is a new way to share stories. privacy filter looks like it will bring. Paluzzi stated that he does not know exactly what the filter in question will do; that the filter in question is that only your followers or the people you follow mutually can see the story. states.

You will only be able to share a story with your followers or people you follow mutually.

Instagram story test

As a matter of fact, the filter created by Paluzzi is not the first filter Instagram has brought for story sharing. Instagram was a before “Close friends“it published the feature and made it possible for users to share stories only with anyone they want.”

Instagram, both features we have quoted above are now testing and there is no information about when the features will be released or whether they will be released. Instagram can see and cancel these features as “useless” or make them stable and offer them to all users.

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