Instagram Releases Comment Fixing Feature

Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, published the comment pinning feature that it started testing in May. With the new feature, three comments can be pinned to the shared posts.

One of the most popular social media platforms today Instagramcontinues to work to increase the experience of its users by adding new features to its structure. The company started to offer one of these features to its users.

Instagram started its tests last May, pinning comments/ began to offer pinning feature to its users. Thanks to this feature, three comments can be pinned to the sharing, which makes it easier for the person sharing the control to control the tone of the comments.

Comment pinning feature

Instagram comment fixing feature announcement

(Today, we post pinned comments for everyone. This means that you can pin a few comments to the top of your posts in the stream and better manage the discussion.)

To pin a comment on your post, all you need to do is pretty simple: swipe the comment to the left. Previously, when you did this, report, delete and reply options appeared. With the new feature, comment stabilization is among these three options. The leftmost of these options is fastener Just click on the icon.

instagram comment fixing

Instagram, especially in the past few years harassment, abuse and misinformation developing various tools to fight. Especially with the company’s current CEO Adam Mosseri, these efforts have increased further. The company has made significant progress, especially in comment management.


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Social media giant to automatically block offensive comments artificial intelligence uses. The company also uses a similar AI tool to alert users before sharing offensive content. While comment fixing is not the most efficient tool in this regard, it will enable many celebrities, content producers and businesses to better control their Instagram accounts.

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